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Bridal and Wedding Jewellery

Your wedding is the perfect excuse to treat yourself and your bridesmaids to some beautiful wedding jewellery to wear on your big day. 

Pretty up your look with our beautiful pearl wedding jewellery or opt for some heart themed silver jewellery, just perfect for a beautiful romantic look.

Go on, it's your wedding day and you deserve it!
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Price (£ Sterling)
Stretch Pearl CZ Heart Bracelet25.00
Elan Freshwater Pearl Pendant15.95
Elan Freshwater Pearl Earrings15.95
Inspiration CZ Pearl Pendant16.95
Inspiration CZ Pearl Earrings18.95
Forever Freshwater Pearl Bead Bracelet12.95
Serenity Pearl Drop Pendant29.95
Serenity Pearl Drop Earrings25.00
Elegance Freshwater Pearl Bead Necklace65.00
Swan Lake Pearl Necklace22.95
Eternal Pearl Drop Pendant32.95
Eternal Pearl Drop Earrings29.95
Crystal Heart and Pearl Drop Pendant21.95
CZ Centre Heart Pendant25.00
Crystal Flower and Pearl Drop Pendant25.95
Elegance Pearl Bracelet29.95
Charmed Eternity Stretch Bracelet25.00
Pearl and Silver Puff Heart Bracelet 24.95
Pearl and Silver Puff Heart Necklace 45.00
Freshwater Pearl Stretch Bracelet 29.95
Elegance CZ Pearl Drop Pendant19.95
Elegance CZ Pearl Drop Earrings 14.95
Freshwater Pearl Linked Necklace 24.95
Kit Heath Adorn Silver Heart Earrings29.95
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