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Necklaces and Pendants

The most popular item of jewellery, a gorgeous silver necklace or silver pendant can make all the difference to your outfit. Take a look at this fabulous range of women's necklaces in sterling silver, gold plate and rose gold plate, combined with dazzling stones such as rose quartz, glossy black onyx and cubic zirconia.

Why not wear a beautiful silver pendant with an open neck shirt for classic style?
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Price (£ Sterling)
Estella Bartlett Lucky Wishbone Necklace14.95
Estella Bartlett Botanica Necklace13.95
Estella Bartlett Lovestruck Necklace18.95
Estella Bartlett Secret Garden Acorn Necklace14.95
Estella Bartlett Bumble Bee Necklace16.50
Estella Bartlett You Me Oui Heart Necklace16.50
Estella Bartlett Treasure Me Crystal Key Necklace16.50
Estella Bartlett Twinkle Star Necklace 16.50
Legacy Travel Charm Pendant 19.95
Fiorelli Crystal Hex Pendant18.00
Fiorelli Pave Crystal Hoop Pendant28.00
Fiorelli Crystal Bead Rings Necklace18.00
Fiorelli Crystal Bib Necklace35.00
Fiorelli Faceted Triple String Necklace28.00
Fiorelli Gunmetal Chain and Crystal Stud Necklace 40.00
Fiorelli Pink Crystal Gunmetal Spike Pendant25.00
Fiorelli Gunmetal Drop Pendant22.00
Black and Gold Ombre Necklace15.00
Gold and Crystal Spike Necklace38.00
Fiorelli Crystal and Neon Stone Necklace25.00