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Martine Wester jewellery
Martine Wester Jewellery

Brighten up your look with fun and flirty costume jewelllery from Martine Wester.  Pile on the bracelets and layer your necklaces for that Martine Wester touch!

Martine Wester has established a place in the world of fashion with feminine, boutique inspired jewellery & accessories. Martine Wester jewellery has become a hit with celebrities & press alike, with a following of fashionistas in all the major fashion capitals.
Often seen on the red carpet & at award ceremonies Martine Wester adds a touch of glamour when needed and a touch of pizazz to your everyday wardrobe while show stopping crystal pieces have the added WOW factor, perfect for those special occasions & red carpet moments.

Happy shopping! Happy accessorising!
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Price (£ Sterling)
Legacy Travel Charm Pendant 19.95
Legacy Holiday Pendant 17.50
Spirit Cluster Drop Earrings10.00
Spirit Cluster Charm Bead Necklace - 50% off, was 2912.50
Spirit Gold Bead Bracelet10.00
Charmed Eternity Stretch Bracelet25.00
Sanctuary Dragonfly Pearl Necklace 15.00
Sanctuary Butterfly Pearl Necklace20.00
Sanctuary Heart Pendant Pearl Necklace15.00
Sanctuary Cluster Charm Necklace15.00
Silver Flower Charm Necklace25.00
Silver Amour Earrings 7.50
Silver Amour Double Heart Necklace17.50