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Chrysalis jewellery and charm bracelets
Creating your Composable Charm Bracelet

Follow our guide to help you create your ideal charm bracelet.  Once you have chosen your base bracelet you can select as many or as few as the different elements as you choose.  Remember, the whole idea of a charm bracelet is that the charms and beads are collectible so you can add to them at any time to increase your collection.
charm bracelets
The first stage is to select your charm bracelet.  Composable bracelets use a smooth snake chain so that the beads can be slipped on to them.  There are two main types to consider;

Bracelet with clasp - these are normal bracelets with a standard lobster or decorative clasp such as the one below .....
lobster clasp snake chain bead bracelet
open ended charm bead bracelet
The other option is an open ended clip bracelet.

These bracelets require a decorative locker clasp to be chosen separately, which takes the place of a standard clasp. 

This bracelet is shown opposite both with and without the locker clasp.

This gives the impression that the clasp is just another bead.
Adding beads to the bracelet with have the effect of shortening it, so it is a good idea to choose a larger bracelet than usual, at least 1" longer than your wrist measurement.
selecting charm beads
Depending on the look you want to create you may want to select either a selection of coloured glass and enamelled beads, a selection of silver beads or a mixture of both.  Both options look gorgeous.

When choosing coloured beads, it looks best if you select them all from the same colour family for a nicely co-ordinated look.
murano glass beads
silver beads
spacer beads
Spacer beads are narrower than your main beads and are designed to fit in between.  They are also cheaper and a selection of spacers can help to fill up your bracelet nicely without costing so much.
You may like to add some hanging charms to add a different dimension to your charm bracelet. 
Amore & Baci Charms

The Amore and Baci silver charms hang from spacer type beads ready to be slipped onto your bracelet.

Simply select a charm to add to your bracelet just like a bead or spacer. 
Chrysalis Charms

Most Chrysalis charms have lobster style clips so that they can be used in a variety of ways.  They can either clip directly on a traditional linked charm bracelet, or used in conjunction with a charm spacer (which has a loop for it to attach to) and can then be slipped onto a bead style bracelet.
amore and baci charms
chrysalis charms
charm bracelet stoppers, security chains and lockers
There are various ways to make your bracelet more secure. 

Stopper Clips - these can be placed at any point on your bracelet to keep groups of beads together, or at the end of a row of beads to stop them moving along the bracelet.

Security Chains - these are slipped on to either end of your bracelet to allow you to open the clasp of the bracelet without the beads coming off the end while you put it on and off.

Locker Clasps - these are used to clasp together your open ended bracelet.
What will my bracelet and bead selection look like?

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to visualise what your composed bracelet will look like and whether certain beads will look good together. 

With this in mind we offer a no-obligation free make-up service whereby we will photograph your selection of beads either with or without a bracelet and email it to you to view before making your purchase.

Just email jenny@jennylovesjewellery.com with the names of the items you would like photographed.