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Sphere of Life Cute jewellery - silver pendants
Sphere of Life Cute

Sphere of Life jewellery was created to make the moment of receiving a gift unforgettable. 

A wonderful combination of beautiful jewellery a delight to discover.

Each Sphere of Life jewellery design represents a sentimental message and comes in breathtaking packaging, creating an exciting gift that combines style and personal touch.

Whether it's Love, Unity or the Fire within you - it's all in the Sphere of Life Cute collection.
Sphere of Life is much more than just jewellery, it's the perfect way to show your love.
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Price (£ Sterling)
Sphere of Life Cute - Blossom Pendant37.95
Sphere of Life Cute - Springtime Pendant - White37.95
Sphere of Life Cute - All of My Heart Pendant - Pink37.95
Sphere of Life Cute - Hamsa Blue 34.95